Winter Preparation - Visit Bel Air Subaru for all your Winter Prep Needs

If you haven't started to prepare your vehicle to brave winter conditions it's not too late for Baltimore to start! What exactly should Glen Burnie and Baltimore drivers do to prepare their vehicle? We'll go over some of the steps Cockeysville drivers can take to ensure winter road confidence.

Winter Preparation Recommendations

Bring your vehicle to Bel Air Subaru and let our team of service professionals inspect your vehicle for winter preparedness. Our team of professionals will check your vehicles engine coolant and antifreeze levels, your tire pressure and tread depth; and if you require it, we'll swap out your tires. Are you a Glen Burnie driver that's wondering if winter tires are necessary? Winter tires provide drivers with improved traction for better grip when traversing snow or icy roads. Glen Burnie drivers can opt for all-season tires that provide balanced traction across all seasons. Winter tires are made especially for winter in a few ways: tread and material. Bel Air drivers can also select tires with studs. Winter tires and studded tires are two different tires, technically. For maximum winter traction look to studded winter tires. Studs are metal protrusions that are attached to the tire, increasing gripping power in snowy or icy Cockeysville conditions. Beyond changing your tires, oil, coolant, and antifreeze, drivers may also want to change their windshield wiper fluid to a winter windshield wiper fluid. It may also a good idea for Baltimore drivers to switch over their oil to winter-grade oil (made to withstand extreme cold temperatures).

Visit Bel Air Subaru for all your Winter Servicing!

Our team of service professionals is prepared to inspect and outfit your vehicle for winter requirements. Thinking of getting some winter tires? Speak with our service team! Stop by our dealership located in Bel Air and speak with our service team today!

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