Choose Genuine Subaru Parts to Ensure Long-lasting Value for Your Vehicle

When you need parts for your Subaru, it’s important to choose the right type of part. Genuine Subaru Parts are designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Engineers spend years, if not decades, developing the precise part to ensure the quality of your vehicle remains throughout the duration of ownership. Your responsibility as a Subaru owner is to maintain the same type of quality parts for this to occur.

Genuine Subaru Parts can be found at Bel Air Subaru, and we have a team of experts to assist you in choosing the correct part, as well as making recommendations for installations. Our parts specialists receive an abundance of information directly from Subaru to provide you with the most up-to-date information. They can also special-order parts for your specific needs as you travel throughout the White Marsh area.

Although Genuine Subaru Parts are not mandated by the manufacturer to adhere to your warranty conditions, there are certainly important reasons that you should not choose generic parts, or there could be adverse consequences when you initiate a warranty claim. "Generic" parts, which are typically found at retail parts stores, do not meet the same quality standards that Subaru vehicles need. There is a good reason why Subaru’s remain one of the most sought-after vehicles in Bel Air and throughout Baltimore - It's long-lasting value!

Many of the parts purchased from places other than our dealership are merely designed to work for a minimum amount of time and they have lower standards for ensuring durability, which is why they’re typically only warranted for a limited time. Subaru Genuine Parts have a comprehensive warranty of 12 months from the day that you purchase them. If you have your Subaru Genuine Part installed at our dealership, by our factory-trained technicians, you receive a 2-year comprehensive warranty. You won’t find that type of warranty at any local retail parts store!

Additionally, you can also find many Subaru accessories at our dealership in order to customize your vehicle and make it more personal for your Fallston adventures. All Subaru accessories come with the same type of warranty as Subaru Genuine Parts.

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