Is Your Subaru Part Of A Recall?

It is understandable that drivers get nervous when they hear about a new vehicle recall on the nightly news. So how do you know if your Subaru is part of a recall or has any recall notices?

Subaru vehicles are known for their amazingly long-lasting quality and performance as well as an unmatched commitment to safety with smart design and the latest technology. If your Subaru is part of any recall notice it is not the end of the world, but rather your Subaru doesn't meet Subaru's high standards and needs to be serviced. Subaru has made it easy for drivers to see if their Outback, Crosstrek or Impreza has any recall notices. Click here to go to our recall information center and simply enter your Subaru's VIN number. If your Subaru is part of a recall it will appear on the screen.

When it comes to taking care of your recall notice our certified team of Subaru technicians are here to ensure your Subaru is running at its best. To schedule a recall service please give our service advisors a call today so we can get you in as soon as possible. We are also able to answer any further questions you may have about your Subaru recall notice or recall service.

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