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While we don't see blizzards every week, inclement driving here in Maryland is always a possibility during the winter. Besides changing your driving style and preparing your vehicle to take on winter driving conditions, we want to remind you of the steps you can take to avoid rust from accumulating on your vehicle as a result of winter driving conditions. Rust tends to build both under your vehicle because of the salt on the roads, and in spots where different parts of your vehicle meet and water can get trapped. In the long run, rust on your vehicle can significantly decrease its value, and even render it unusable until the problem is taken care of. In order to avoid this onslaught of problems, we're going to provide you with three ways to protect your Subaru vehicle from rusting this winter.

How To Prevent Your Subaru Vehicle From Rusting This Winter

  • Inspect Your Vehicle: Finding rust in the earliest stages is the best way to the neutralize it. Rust tends to have the largest presence in the wheel wells, under-body, and where body components meet. If you notice paint bubbling, this can also be a sign of rust developing under the paint. If you notice any rust, it's important to have it taken care of at the earliest stages, and you can bring it right into our service center to have us take care of it for you.
  • Wash Your Vehicle Regularly: While it may seem strange to wash your vehicle during the winter because of the likelihood of the water freezing, it is important to remove the salt and dirt that's collected on your vehicle from winter road conditions. The undercarriage is especially susceptible to rust due to salt mixtures used on the roads during winter. Baking soda can often be used to neutralize the road salt.
  • Touch Ups: You can prevent the spread of rust yourself, but you'll need the right tools for the job. Removing rust from your Subaru can be done using a razor blade or with sandpaper, but it will then to be coated with rust arrestor, primed, and repainted using the correct paint color to match your vehicle. While you can do it yourself, we welcome you to have it all taken care of right here at Bel Air Subaru by one of our expert service technicians in no time!
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